Pineland Farms' 5,000-acre property offers an inspiring classroom for people of all ages. Much of the learning takes place in our forests, fields and farmyards. Through hands-on participation visitors will have the opportunity to explore their connections to natural and agricultural resources and the community of Maine.

Adult Enrichment

Adult enrichment classes at Pineland Farms offer focused instruction on a particular subject or skill. They are designed to engage participants in history, craft, agriculture and ecology. Teaching is done by local community members, artists and professors. Enrichment at Pineland Farms will not only introduce you to new techniques and ideas but also connect you to others in the area with whom to build a network and advance within the topic.

Whether it is exploring the fiber arts, learning to drive a draft horse or enjoying a slide presentation on the local landscape, we invite you to join us at the farm for an investigation of our past, present and future.

For more information contact the Education Department at (207) 650-3031 or