Farms & Agriculture

Situated on some of the most picturesque landscapes in Maine, our working farms are an essential part of the community. They provide local milk and fresh seasonal produce to many area retailers as well as our own Market. Our world-class dairy farm serves as an educational facility for children and adults to learn about sustainable food and farming practices.

Our Equestrian Center offers top-level dressage programs for riders and trainers of all levels in a premiere facility.

Check out our Calendar for information on classes and events at our farms.

Produce Division

Pineland’s produce division, Gillespie Farm, is nearly 400 acres of some of the most fertile farmland in Maine. One of the largest vegetable growing operations in southern Maine, the farm yields the highest quality strawberries, sweet corn, pumpkins, squash, string beans, and "pick your own" seasonal produce. With three generations of stewardship by the Gillespie family, our farm's sustainable agricultural practices assure the finest produce available for sale in our Market and other local retailers.

Pick Your Own Strawberries begins June 22, 2017 and lasts through mid-July.

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