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Situated on some of the most picturesque landscapes in Maine, our working farms are an essential part of the community. They provide local milk and fresh seasonal produce to many area retailers as well as our own Market. Our world-class dairy farm serves as an educational facility for children and adults to learn about sustainable food and farming practices.

Our Equestrian Center offers top-level dressage programs for riders and trainers of all levels in a premiere facility.

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Cow Family: Haley
Cow Name: Kissamee Dundee Haley-ET
Classification Score: ET 4E
Production: 8-10 305DIM 30,114M 4.8% 1447F 3.0% 893P
Dam: Pineland Goldwyn Hemi-ET 3E-95
Dam 2: Pineland Atlantic Havanah-ET 2E-91
Dam 3: Pineland Atlantic Hayden-ET VG87 CAN
Notes: Daughter: Pineland Goldwyn Influence Hemi
Cow Family: Haley
Cow Name: Pineland Goldwyn Hemi
Classification Score: ET 3E-95
Production: 7-01 365DIM 43, 145M 5.2% 2245F 3.2% 1396P
Dam: Pineland Punch Harlow-ET EX90
Dam 2: Pineland Sovereign Hallie 2E-91
Dam 3: Pineland Attic Harmony-ET VG86
Dam 4: Pineland Topside Hattie-ET EX90
Dam 5: Pineland Bradnick Heather-ET EX92
Embryos: Many embryos available
Cow Family: Palas
Cow Name: Pineland-Goldwyn Pride-ET
Classification Score: EX-92
Production: 3-11 287 31960 3.2 1049 2.9 945
Dam: Windy-Knoll-View Prosper-ET (Pineland)
Embryos: yes
Cow Family: Palas
Cow Name: Windy-Knoll-View Prosper-ET
Classification Score: VG 87
Production: 3-11 365 31,530 4.3 1364 2.9 926
Embryos: yes
Notes: Many daughters at Pineland. Also daughter Pineland-Goldwyn Pride-ET in Maryland
Cow Family: Trina
Cow Name: Pineland Goldwyn Trophy-ET
Production: 2-03 365 24,200 4.4 1075 3.2 783
Embryos: Many embryos available
Cow Family: Trina
Cow Name: Wilson-Dale Champion TIA-ET
Classification Score: EX-94 2E
Production: 5-02 365 31,570 4.1 1304 3.2 1109
Notes: An old farm favorite with many daughters here.
Cow Family: Trina
Cow Name: Wilson-Dale Tranquility-ET
Classification Score: EX
Production: 6-02 316 23,830 3.7 880 3.1 732
Notes: Next 4 Dams EX-94; 9 EX Maternal Sisters; Proven Red Factor Talent
Cow Family: Trina
Cow Name: Wilsondale Redstone Trina
Classification Score: 5E-92
Notes: Trina Family - Over 100 Excellent Cows.

Cow Families & Embryos

Meet some of the Wilson-dale Holstein cow families at Pineland Farms. Each family is linked to detailed individual profiles. Please contact us for more information. Indicates Embryos for sale.