Farms & Agriculture

Situated on some of the most picturesque landscapes in Maine, our working farms are an essential part of the community. They provide local milk and fresh seasonal produce to many area retailers as well as our own Market. Our world-class dairy farm serves as an educational facility for children and adults to learn about sustainable food and farming practices.

Our Equestrian Center offers top-level dressage programs for riders and trainers of all levels in a premiere facility.

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  • Photo © The Cre8iv Company

  • Photo © The Cre8iv Company

Equestrian Center

The Equestrian Center at Pineland Farms provides a unique training environment for professional and dedicated amateur riders in the sport of dressage, one of the three Olympic equestrian disciplines. Dressage first appeared at the 1912 Stockholm Games where the ‘military test’ evolved into the three branches of equestrian sport – dressage, eventing and stadium jumping. The system used for training these horses has been in existence since early history, with the purpose of developing the ultimate in obedience and maneuverability. While once essential to survival in battle, today’s dressage still promotes the same qualities in the horse for sport and pleasure alike. The Equestrian Center is home for up to 30 horses, many of which are owned by Pineland Farms. These competition horses include several National Champions, and range in training from newly started through Grand Prix, the Olympic level of dressage.


Located in the beautiful rolling hills of southern Maine, Pineland Farms is home to a world class equestrian center which includes indoor and outdoor arenas, stabling for 30 horses and housing for athletes. The Equestrian Center's 260' x 100' heated indoor arena is one of the largest of its kind in the United States and can hold a full dressage ring plus seating for 1100 spectators. The outdoor arena measures 250' x 100' and is surrounded by expansive views of the surrounding countryside all the way to New Hampshire's majestic Mt. Washington.